Emily Ortega (mizem) wrote in unpatriotic_act,
Emily Ortega

Uh, so I hear the Patriot Act essentially nullifies your Miranda Rights...

Hmm, I wanted to get some information on this. My sister was arrested at Wal-Mart with a friend today. They took 2 sweet teas, and 2 hair dyes. When the police showed up, they were handcuffed and questioned.... without being read their Miranda Rights. I, naturally, freaked out and did some research on this, and, lo and behold, her rights were violated! But then my husband tells me that due to the Patriot Act the police are no longer required to read you your rights. I am hoping that this is a case of my husband being ill-informed, and not the Patriot Act ganging up on college freshmen who like tea and blond hair. You seem quite knowledgeable about the rights-violation that is the Patriot Act. Could you tell me... who's right- me, or my husband? I've long been opposed to the PA, but now it has affected me on an in-my-face personal level.
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