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unpatriotic_act's Journal

We hate the PATRIOT Act
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No amount of inflamed rhetoric can hide that the PATRIOT Act challenges many of the elements needed in a democracy: freedom of information, freedom of discourse and intellectual pursuit, due process of law. We hate this outrageous attack on our Constitutionally-protected freedoms.

Notes about this community:

1) this community is about the PATRIOT Act and closely associated issues. :-) sos_usa is a good community to post to if you have issues with surveillance, privacy, violations of civil liberties, etc. that are not directly related to the PATRIOT Act. There are others on livejournal as well.

2) When you post, please make the connection between your post and the Patriot Act explicit. It's not necessarily the case that the readers are interested in what you or I consider to be related issues. Try to keep it explicitly on topic. :-)

3) "Friend of" list is hidden on purpose. You may lurk here at will (by friending or watching the community). Once you are a member, though, your membership will be visible to the public. Also, you should know that your friendship with this community will be visible to people already looking at your friends page.

4) We love information about libraries, communities, and/or states (!) taking a stand against the PATRIOT Act. We want this thing repealed. :-)

5) Community maintainer is koyaanisqatsi if you have any questions and/or complaints.